Undead Seattle: We REALLY Love Our Zombies

One reason why I love Seattle so damn much is the quirky little neighborhoods like Fremont. The place has it all: a troll under the bridge, statue of Lenin, even a sign post with lots of unique locations marked on it. The one thing about this place that is just magnetic though, is the enthusiasm the neighborhood has for the zombie walks that happen throughout the year. I briefly spoke about zombie walks before, b

Musings of a Once Loyal MUDDER

What we’re gonna do right here is go back. Waaaaaay back, back into time. MUDs are one of the original massive multiplayer online role playing games the internet put out. I was introduced to them at just about the same time I was introduced to computers and haven’t been able to fully stop playing ever since, not for the lack of trying. You know when a hobby crosses that line and just eats all of your

5 Types of Zombies you Encounter Nearly Every Day

We’re surrounded by zombies. They’re just plain everywhere and lucky for you I’m here to help with some basic preparations to keep yourself from turning into one. Here’s a quick list of 5 different kinds of zombies you’re more than likely to run into nearly every day 1) The Corporate Zombie Drawn by Ricardo Ruiz-Dana Description: This is the person you see at work who only seems to be present ph

Are you the next victim of the zombie sub-culture?

Zombies have made their way into a lot of people’s hearts, and brains. The zombie sub-culture has spread as far and wide as an actual zombie pandemic. Where did this “infection” start? Well when you have movies like the Evil Dead franchise, how can you not get infected? Low budget horror films that aren’t trying to make themselves become “the next big movie” inadvertently make n